Paradigm Speakers

Since 1982, Paradigm loudspeakers have been designed, engineered, and manufactured just outside of Toronto, Canada. Paradigm speakers are one of the most well reviewed speakers, and that is because of the passion that founders Jerry VanderMarel, a veteran of the consumer electronics industry and Scott Bagby, a speaker designer bring to their company. The two of them utilized scientific audio data based on findings by the National Research Council of Canada. Their goal was to create a speaker that would deliver outstanding performance, without coloration to the performance or unrestricted by its surroundings, at a price point that would allow anyone to enjoy the experience.

Paradigm's North American manufacturing facility features the hemispheres largest private anechoic chamber, at 33,000 cubic feet. Their state of the art manufacturing practices allow for consistent production of outstanding products from CNC cabinetry to driver, crossover, and voice coil assembly. Award winning Paradigm products are available in 55 countries around the world. Paradigm loudspeakers are one of the best-selling high performance loudspeakers in North America.

Speaker Series

Reference Collection is Paradigm's “Bang for your Buck” Audiophile speaker. It includes technology that has trickled down from the previous Signature series and pushed even further, utilizing their X-Pal pure aluminum drivers along with Perforated Phase-Aligning (PPA™) Tweeter Lens. Prestige series speakers offer world class sound at a very reasonable price point.

Classic Collection is Paradigm's “Entry level” speaker. The Classic Collection offers technology in the cabinet design, crossovers, and driver compliments that again have trickled down from previous generations. The Classic collection has many offerings with high value solutions for most sound applications.

Paradigm's compliment of speaker solutions range from tower speakers, bookshelf, in-wall, on-wall, subwoofers, sound bars, all weather outdoor, rock speakers, and garden oasis outdoor. With industry leading research and development Paradigm offers high value, high performance products. Paradigm Speakers are one of the best values on the market for high end speakers. Call today to schedule your complimentary in home consultation to see how Paradigm can fit into your home.